So what does cancer have to do with it?
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Why did we..

August 10, 2022

So what does cancer have to do with it?

Why did we..

Cancer gave us courage. Cancer gave us perspective. Cancer inspired us to say yes. 

Family First

I start with this topic as we introduce the newly revitalized and family-owned Winter Park Chateau because cancer is our why. 

Not long after figuring out how to manage life as working parents with two toddlers and a major home renovation project, we were devastated to learn I had breast cancer. We didn’t have time to be upset; we only had time to push ahead. Within two weeks of diagnosis, I was undergoing chemotherapy. A few difficult years went by; we never took the easy way. We took the route we hoped would reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. We had some really tough days. We had some really joyful days too. But today, I am alive and living with no evidence of disease. 

I’ll keep that part brief as I could go on for days, but those circumstances gave us a realization that we must live for today. All while discovering we are capable of showing up with incredible perseverance. 

So when we started to explore options to spend more time in the mountains and in nature, we found the Winter Park Chateau for sale. It was being run as a traditional bed and breakfast. It was a major undertaking—a project beyond any of our prior home improvements or renovations. The potential was there though. Just like realizing our potential in the past despite so many things working against us, we took a leap of faith. We sold our family home about an hour away, moved into the Chateau with our school-aged children, and started to renovate this gem on nights and days off from our full-time remote jobs. 

Fast forward to today, I’m not exactly sure how we’ve made it once again. But here we are on this adventure together. It's time for us to move to our own home so we can invite you to stay at the Chateau. 

Ultimately, cancer gave us the courage to say yes to our crazy idea. To create this home-away-from-home experience for you to enjoy. When you choose to stay at the Winter Park Chateau, you’re supporting a local family. You’re part of our tribe of brave yet kind souls working hard to make the most out of this life.

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