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103° degrees = quick fix
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The Hot Tub..

Relax + chill and enjoy the view!
Second-floor hot tub: Zen-filled, spacious, and cozy at 103°F in winter.
Explore The Den for local craft beers and ultimate relaxation.
Yes.. drinks can be ordered and delivered to the hot tub
Welcome to Winter Park Chateau, where relaxation and breathtaking views meet! Our second-floor hot tub offers a zen-filled experience with spectacular vistas. It's spacious enough for solo relaxation or group hangouts. In winter, it's kept at a cozy 103°F for a magical experience surrounded by snowflakes. Adjacent to the hot tub is our view deck, a perfect spot to admire Winter Park's mountains and nature.

Visit The Den, our nearby cozy bar, for local craft beers and ultimate relaxation. Whether you're into hot tub zen or taking in stunning views, Winter Park Chateau is your paradise for unwinding. Join us and let nature and comfort work their magic on you!
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