Welcome to the wild life

The Winter Park Chateau is proudly owned and operated by a local family.

Home away from home

Our family is eager to welcome you to the completely renovated Winter Park Chateau. We personally took extra care to revitalize this ideally located 10-room boutique hotel to be your home away from home. As former city residents, we understand the importance of time in nature. The transformed Chateau will offer you comfortable, clean and effortless accommodations surrounded by majestic mountains, so your focus can be on which trail or adventure is next.

It's a family affair

We are just your average family of four (plus one fur baby) with big dreams. After navigating a cancer diagnosis and years of treatment, we made a pact to live life on vacation. We still need our day jobs, so ultimately, it came down to living somewhere that adventures were more accessible. With many helping hands, our dream is now something we can bring to others.

We invite you to come live life on vacation at the Winter Park Chateau.