What is the Winter Park Express Train?
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Ski Train

November 27, 2023

What is the Winter Park Express Train?

Ski Train

Ride the Winter Park Express from Denver Union Station!

Take a unique trip from the heart of Denver to the ski area of Winter Park Resort.

Partnership between Amtrak and Winter Park Resort

A partnership between Amtrak and Winter Park Resort has brought the Winter Park Express to life! From January 13 - 15 to March 24 - 26, this train offers rides between Denver Union Station and the ski resort. You can book your trip for the 2023 season on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Don't hesitate, get your tickets for the Winter Park Express now and experience Colorado's top ski resort!

Tailor your journey to fit your desired skiing or snowboarding duration

Vacationers can tailor their journey to fit their desired skiing or snowboarding duration. Catch the Friday morning train and spend a day, the entire weekend, or the entire week on the slopes. Head back on the same day or choose to ride the train back on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the coming week.

Switching from air travel to rail

Switching from air travel to rail is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. People are discovering the many benefits of transitioning from plane to train for their journeys.

Hassle-free journey from the airport to Winter Park Resort

Travelers heading to Winter Park Resort can easily take the Winter Park Express from the airport without needing to rent a car, book a shuttle, or traverse mountain roads due to the seamless rail connection.

With this convenient option, there's no need to rent a car, arrange a shuttle, or navigate through mountain roads. Simply take the A-Line from Denver International Airport to Union Station in Downtown Denver. While there, you can explore popular attractions like 16th Street Mall and Larimer Square, and even stay in the newly renovated Union Station. The next day, trade city excitement for a thrilling mountain experience by boarding the Winter Park Express.

There are multiple options to get to the Winter Park Chateau once you've arrived in Winter Park.

If you take the train to the resort, you can use the local bus system provided by TheLiftWP.com. The Chateau has stops on the Orange, Black, and Blue lines. If you have a lot of equipment or luggage, please contact us and we can assist you. We are available at all times and have picked up guests in the past. Our goal is to make your vacation amazing.

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